Kink Massage

Titillating sensation play

Bound and blindfolded the senses come alive. Varying sensations, massage and light touch bring you to simultaneous excitement and relaxation.

1 hour 300 1.5 hours 450

+60 French

Hard Kink/BDSM
Interested in exploration?
Let's take the session off the table and dive into a more diverse range of activities.
We will customize this session to meet your desires and level of comfort/experience. I am happy to oblige you in playing across the full spectrum of light kink to BDSM.
My strengths lie in seduction, sensation play, psychological manipulation, bondage, corporal (specifically spanking and flogging).

1 hour 300  1.5 hours 450

Sensual Violet

Sensual Bodywork

Body2 Body hot oil massage

Body2body massage, hot oil, and various therapeutic massage modalities are integrated to give you a blissful escape that is both utterly sensual, and completely therapeutic.  Male G-spot massage available upon request.

1 hour 220 1.5 hours 340

+60 French

Lingam Massage

Extended release

Traditional Lingam Massage techniques provide the opportunity for extended stimulation, arousal, and heightened sensation. The culmination?  Full release. Breathing cues are naturally interwoven to bring your release through your entire body. Male G-spot massage available upon request.

1 hour 280 1.5 hours 400